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At CAPSTONE, we believe that extracurricular activities and internships are vital components of a comprehensive education. We offer a wide range of diverse extracurricular and internship opportunities in partnership with local organizations in Myanmar as well as global institutions. Through our local community partners, students have the chance to engage in impactful community service projects, collaborate with non-profit organizations, and develop a strong sense of social responsibility. We also provide internships with local businesses, brands, and institutions, allowing students to gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of various industries. Additionally, our global community partners provide opportunities for students to participate in research programs, internships with international organizations, cultural exchange programs, and leadership development initiatives. These experiences broaden students' horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding, and prepare them to thrive in a globalized world. Through our extensive network of community partners, we ensure that our students have access to diverse extracurricular and internship opportunities that cater to their interests and goals, enabling them to develop essential skills, explore their passions, and make a positive impact both locally and globally.

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